Information concerning prober use of the candles.


  1. Never place the candles directly on a table. Use a dish or a pole.
  2. Never place candles on top of the television or on electrical appliances.
  3. Keep the spacing between the candles to a minimum of 6-8 cm.
  4. Avoid draught.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight.
  6. Clean the burning area of the candle for dust and dirt, before lightning the candle.
  7. Ideal lenght of wick = 12mm. If the tip of the wick has formed a clump, cut it off. If the flame are too big, or if the candle soot, cut the wick to about 12 mm.If the flame is too small,puff out thecandle,empty the liquid paraffin, and light the candle again.     
  8. To obtain ideal burnin of the candles they should burn for at least 4-5 hours preferably longer.
  9. Do not touch the edges of the candles while they burn.
  10. Keep children clear of burning candles.
  11. We recommend you to puff out the ccandle, before it has burned down to a haight of about 1-1,5cm.
  12. When puffing out the candle, soot can be avoided by dipping the wick in paraffin, this can for example be done by using a match. Always remember to raise the wick again before the paraffin solidifies.
  13. Always remember to puff out all the candles before leaving home.

We hope you will enjoy.

Kind regards Diederich Lys A/S