Basic material

100% fully refined, exclusive quality paraffin wax. All wicks are produced of the finest cotton and in a carefully fitted dimension to ensure the optimal burning of our candles.


Our pillar candles are produced through "cold compression", a process through which the paraffin granulate is pressed together with an up to 2-ton pressure. This extremely hard compression ensures a record burn time that beats all competition.

Our dipped candles are manufactured from the very best raw materials, and as the name suggests, produced by dipping the wick in 100 degress hot liquid paraffin.

Colour process


None of our candles are coloured all the way through. Our colours is dissolved in a special wax, whose melting point is only a few degrees higher that the candle core, and the candles are over-dipped with this special wax twice, ensuring optimum burning, while minimising the risk of the wax running. This colouring method furthermore reduces sooting.

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Stearic or paraffin ?

What is the difference?
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