Our craftsmanship

Colours can light up any room. That is why our range consists of more than 50 colours – and we offer new trend colours several times a year.

Consumer guide

COMSUMER GUIDE COMSUMER GUIDE How to ensure a healthy indoor climate The Technological Institute in Aarhus has tested our candles and concluded that when good burning practices are followed, a Diederich Light does not soot. This, we are proud of! However, research shows that actually most quality candles can have a soot-free burning, whether it’s […]

Made in Denmark since 1965

MADE IN DENMARK SINCE 1965 MADE IN DENMARK SINCE 1965 Over 50 of years experience with candles Hidden in the suburbs of Aarhus, Diederich Lys has been producing candles since 1965. This makes us the oldest candle factory with permanent production in Denmark while offering honest nordic values – and we are quite proud of […]

Our values

OUR VALUES OUR VALUES Diederich Lys is a traditional production company and based on this we cherish our dear customers, love craftsmanship and focus on high quality raw materials. On the other hand, we are modern in other areas, and make sustainable choices in all business aspects we are able to, such as: our packaging […]

Our candles

OUR CANDLES OUR CANDLES Diederich Lys can set the mood for every occasion with burning times ranging from 2-166 hours. Whether you want to follow the long tradition of placing real candles on a Christmas tree, make stunning holiday decorations or enjoy a long evening of “hygge”, we have you covered. Our selection consists of […]

Tips for candle-lovers

TIPS FOR CANDLE-LOVERS TIPS FOR CANDLE-LOVERS Tips for candle-lovers If the candle burns evenly, has a stable flame and doesn’t leak – you are probably burning the candle correctly. Avoid a draft and don’t touch the edges of a burning candle. Keep a distance between different candles of 7 to 9 cm. Size matters – […]