Made with love

Denmark is well known for the concept of “hygge” which you might have come across. This mentality of enjoying small, intimate moments is close to our hearts and sharing it has become a part of our mission. We want to make the beautiful moments last. For that reason our candles have the longest burning time on the market – in fact, a whole 40% longer than average.

Our candles are fruits of passion with respect to craftsmanship and quality. After casting, our dedicated employees hand dip the candles in colored wax, channeling a little bit of love into each and every one. We only use the best techniques and components available on the market. This ensures a long-lasting, soot-free, lead-free and beautiful burning.

  • We manually dip our candles in special, colored wax, which has a different melting point than the core. This allows the candle to burn evenly and guaranteed soot-free.
  • We only use paraffin which is 100% food approved, offering you highest available quality of product.
  • All our wick suppliers live up to the strict Oeko-Tex 100 standard. Among other things, it guarantees that the wicks do not contain lead, and thus do not emit lead when burned.

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