Diederich Lys is a traditional production company in the sense that we cherish our dear customers, love craftsmanship and focus on quality raw materials.

On the other hand, we are modern in other areas, and make sustainable choices in all business aspects we are able to, such as:

  • our packaging is FSC certified
  • we reuse all the materials we can and rarely dispose of substances
  • we have a customer return program for leftovers
  • our raw materials are heated with eco-electricity
What more, we prioritize taking social responsibility.

Therefore we value diversity amongst our employees. By partnering with Springbræt Aarhus, we are proud to offer our factory as a workplace to young people with special needs and help a little on the way to a good daily life.

Our employees have very different conditions, and together they create a safe atmosphere filled with “hygge” on the old farm in Hasselager, where all our candles are produced, colored and packed.

By this we hope to counteract outsourcing and social dumping.